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Join our Crew

Let's connect

Think you're a little bit magic? If you feel you'd make a swimmingly good mermaid, email your CV and why we might welcome you aboard.

We'll invite you for a coffee and see if you're our cup of tea.

Our Mermaids

  • Values-driven

  • Progressive mindsets

  • Flexible thinkers

  • Human-centric

  • Authentic

Our Benefits

  • Sparkly start-up 

  • Exciting clinical cases

  • Choice of location

  • Gradual onboarding

  • Autonomy & freedom


Our Magic

  • Heart-lead, mind-guided

  • Grounded culture

  • Innovative projects

  • Walking meetings

  • Mind-body-soul integrated

Speech OT Group
Clinic Room Early Intervention Kids
Charlotte CELF-5
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