Join our Crew

Colleagues in Hallway

Mermaid Speech is always on the lookout for talented and creative support crew.

We're keen to have people on board who have:

  • values that align with our own (go do the work)

  • celebrated differences (we're not looking for copy-paste clones - what's your point of difference?)

  • the drive for continuous self-development (how and when did you last invest in yourself?) 

  • mastered the work/life balance (you don't get to stay past 5...)

  • made mistakes. Yep, really. We call them learning opportunities and they can feel bad. But we will always support learning in any form. 

We are a pro-neurodiversity and disability-positive space. 

We are a LGBTQIA+ friendly space. We are actively trying to improve the safety of this space.

We are are a soul-driven and spirituality-integrated space. You are welcome to pray, meditate, practice yoga, etc.

If you feel you would make a swimmingly good junior mermaid, email us your CV and a cover letter.

What we expect

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