Service Providers

Gold Coast Therapies

Whether mermaids weren't your thing or we didn't have the services you require at this time, below are suggested service providers that may be able to assist you.


Please note there is no formal or informal arrangement with any of the therapists listed below, nor any financial or other reimbursement for referral. It is important to us that when we can't give you what you need, we point you in the direction of someone who can.

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Paediatric Speech Therapists

Play & Occupational Therapy


Little Language www.littlelanguage.com.au

Michele Witty 


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Occupational Therapists

Play & Occupational Therapy www.paotgc.com.au

Asset Occupation Therapy www.assettherapy.com.au

My Therapy Space www.mytherapyspace.com.au

Child in Air Yoga

Feeding Specialists

The Mealtime Collective www.themealtimecollective.com.au

Aspire Allied Health www.aspirealliedhealth.com.au

Nourish Feed Thrive www.nourishfeedthrive.com.au

Father and Daughter Having Breakfast

Adult Speech Therapists

Thimble Speech www.thimblespeech.com.au

Aspire Allied Health www.aspirealliedhealth.com.au

Gen Physio www.genphysio.com.au

Doctor's Appointment


Play & Occupational Therapy www.paotgc.com.au

Youthrive www.youthrive.com.au

Brain Care www.braincare.com.au

Child Therapist

Mobile Speech Therapist (home visits)

Everyday Independence




Gen Physio


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