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Empowered Connections

Meetup Meeting



Part of our mission is to establish and maintain empowered connections: our clients, colleagues, and collaborators, in order to make the world just that little bit more magical. 

At Mermaid Speech we understand that collaboration is a superior standpoint to competition.


As part of our greater societal impact, we aim to work with families, members of the community, and other professionals to connect deeper and more effectively with the people who make up our community.

If you're interested in collaborating don't hesitate to reach out:

Gold Coast Therapy Network


Whether mermaids weren't your thing or we didn't have the services you require at this time, below are suggested service providers that may be able to assist you.


Please note there is no formal or informal arrangement with any of the therapists listed below, nor any financial or other reimbursement for referral.


It is important to us that when we can't give you what you need, we point you in the direction of someone who can.

Upcoming Talks


Burleigh Heads

St John's Community Hall

6 Nov 2021

invitation only

Burleigh Heads.png

Burleigh Heads


5 Apr 2022

members only

Burleigh Heads (1).png

Burleigh Heads

Anglican Church, Park Ave

15 Apr 2023

women's group - all welcome

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