Nothing to worry about

We understand it can be challenging to realise your child isn't communicating typically for their age. For some families there's uncertainty about what is 'normal' and you just want an answer from someone who specialises in this stuff.


When you book in a speech & language evaluation, we let you know from the first session what's going on and our action plan to support you.  

What to expect on your maiden voyage at Mermaid Speech

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 Communication is an essential part of daily life. Strong communication skills see us flourish in the social, academic, and professional realms. Weak speech, language, and social skills can see us floundering. Rather than drown in despair, we have the tools, skills, and know-how at Mermaid Speech to identify and treat disordered communication.

We support and remediate difficulties with:

  • understanding

  • expressing self

  • narrative skills

  • social communication

  • reading & writing

  • speech clarity 

There are no 'stupid questions'

We believe words should be easy for everyone to understand. This is why we try to use Easy English as much as possible when giving information. It's also why we are happy to answer any questions over the phone; all questions are good questions. 


If we are speaking with other professionals, we tend to use the technical, medical, or specialist jargon appropriate to our field (or theirs) for several reasons. However, this can be alienating to some people who don't have that background.


So, when your family books in for a full assessment, you are given a simple, easy-to-understand report summary on top of the professional report (which is still necessary for doctors, teachers, and other health, social, or funding/insurance workers.) 

We also make a point to sit down and make space to talk about the report together so you can ask questions and be true members of your child's team. 

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Therapy sessions:

  • $190 (50 mins*) 

Short evaluation (private pay):

  • $210 (1 hour session + analysis*)

Full assessment: 

  • $450 - $760


  • $193.99 (incl. GST)

*+ additional time for medicolegal documentation

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Medicare Rebates

We accept GP plans and can help you process your rebate.


Please note we do not bulk bill but can offer cost-effective options for a pre-booked block of therapy, if clinically appropriate.


Medicare plans still require an initial consultation (1 hour).

We accept some private health funds. Find out more over the phone.