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Join our Crew

🌊 Let's Make Some Waves!

Sail Boats


🪄 Our Magic

  • Craft your own schedule

  • Choice of two clinic locations

  • Gradual onboarding

  • 1:1 supervision & peer mentoring

  • Guidance mapping CPD to real life application

  • Treasure chest of resources


🧜 Our Mermaids

  • Values-driven, human-centric 

  • Progressive, flexible thinkers

  • Self-reflective

  • Above board with SPA eligibility

  • Comfortable with social media

  • Car license

  • Boat license (just kidding)


🧭 Our Compass

  • Sparkly practice est. 2021

  • Vision-guided

  • Innovative systems

  • Community-collaborative

  • Neurodiversity-affirming

  • LGBTQIA+ friendly

  • Anti-hustle culture

  • Growth mindset framework

Speech OT Group
Charlotte CELF-5
Charlotte Conference_edited

Let's connect

If you feel you'd make a swimmingly good mermaid, consider:

  1. Testing the waters: reach out for a casual coffee chat with Charlotte;

  2. Officially applying via email with your cover letter and CV;

  3. Stalking our socials to see if we're your cup of tea.


We'd love to consider making you a magical addition to the crew.

Enjoying Sunset


(no, it's not a typo.)

At Mermaid Speech we're passionate about mentoring the next generation of allied health professionals. 


We also recognise - from experience - that graduating University can have us feeling like we know less than before we started! Imposter Syndrome, anyone?

The etymology of Vision is 'to see' and Super is 'above and beyond; to a high standard'. As such, the aim of the Super-Vision program is to provide clinicians with opportunities to grow and learn in a safe and supportive way, whether you've been practicing 5 hours or 5 years.

External supervision is also available at the clinician's hourly rate (+GST).

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